celestialeffigy said: i’m so happy for you baby omg ;__; lily is such a great song it was a very good choice i think

Thankyou my love, I’m still on cloud 9, it was beyond anything I could’ve hoped for! I so wish every Kate fan had had the chance to see it, you would’ve LOVED it. Yeah, Lily was the perfect opener in retrospect. There were SO many amazing small details and surprises and it was so Kate Bush in the best possible sense.

Well, I hope she tours it around. At the very least I think there’s going to be a DVD. (please God let there be a DVD)

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Kate Bush: Before The Dawn @ Eventim Apollo x

Before the Dawn Fan Overview Part One (warning: very long winded)

So I went into Before the Dawn knowing Cloudbusting would be played but guessing the entirety of the ninth wave would also be played based on the few visual clues Kate had given us. Avoiding spoilers was difficult (especially as soon as I got into the foyer and saw that some of the merchandise was bird themed- Sky of Honey!) but somehow I managed it and got to the Apollo with practically no knowledge of what I was about to see. I’d caught a really inconvenient and horrible cold a few days before and had spent all of Friday, after I arrived in London on the train from Glasgow carting round a very unglamorous plastic bag filled with various ‘cures’ like lemsip and tunes and tangerines but nothing really worked. I was worried I’d be that annoying sniffling, coughing, red-in-the-face person at the show but luckily the worst of it was gone by Saturday night. (Kate cures people!)

So anyway I dont know London well but me and my dad (the other person going with me as the only other KB fan I know irl) eventually worked out the oyster card system and got to Hammersmith. There was a buzz around the Apollo and a queue which we immediately joined then immediately left as it turned out to be the standby queue. Then a guy checked my tickets and ID, then a woman scanned my tickets (this was my last moment of panic about the tickets actually being legit) then we were in. There were really big crowds around the merch counters and I’m far too dithery and polite (and lacking in funds) to push to the front and start buying everything in sight, even though I wanted to, but eventually I got a programme (which is beautiful) and a tour t-shirt with the Before the Dawn image of Kate on the front and the moon cycle of the month of September on the back.

Then we went to our seats WHICH WERE SO GOOD, stalls to the right of the stage, I could see we were really close, closer than I’d thought from looking at the seating plan online. So by that time it was like quarter past seven and I took a few pictures of the stage and then I was like ffs people get to your seats cause loads of rows hadnt been filled yet. 2 minutes before 7:45 there was an announcement that the show was about to start and everyone started scurrying about. The band, who had already set up, started playing, giving people time to sit down before Kate appeared and I was like omhygodohmygodohmygodohmygod cause I’ve been looking forward to this moment forever… I dunno what I was expecting: for her to float down in a shard of light surrounded by angels or something I suppose (not that I have unrealistic expectations or anything), but she just came marching out! That beaming face I know so well! REALLY THERE like right there, leading her backing singers across the stage. From where I was sitting I could just see the expression on her face and she looked so HAPPY and EXCITED and it made me so emotional because a tiny part of me was worried that she’d be nervous and fearful and even though I’d known she’d done 19 shows already it was so reassuring to see her so calm, collected and in control. Her skin, hair and make up were all looking incredibly luminous and she was barefoot and wearing a beautiful long black coat/dress type thing.

Then I realised that the song she was about to sing was LILY and I was like yaayy cause I love Lily but what an odd choice for a first song. When she sang that first: 'well I said LILLLAYYAAYYY' bit I was amazed. Obviously I’ve always loved Kate’s voice but I’ve always been more interested in her stories and the content of her songs rather than the technical quality of it. This time, hearing it live I was blown away by the sheer power of it. Her voice sounded completely controlled, robust and full of emotion at the same time. It was not the voice of someone who hadn’t performed live for 35 years. So my eyes were already filling with tears as I listened to Lily, a spell-song offering the listener protection from the evil forces of the world and of course it made sense after a while. Also, on a personal (and delusional) level, it sounds like she’s singing my name in that song (well its one letter out) and I WAS on her left side.


And thats part 1. And I’ve only ‘reviewed’ one song. Sorry.


B E F O R E   T H E   D A W N 

For anyone who’s been following me for a while, when I say that seeing Kate Bush live surpassed even my wildest expectations… well you know what I mean…

I’m still processing it just now but I’ll do a kind of review thing later.

I just… Yeah…