if ur not watching this show ur missing out


if ur not watching this show ur missing out


Happy, happy 51st birthday to the tremendously wise and darling T ♥

our-young-cathy-bush said: i can’t watch it in my country, that’s why. I seriously hope someone will put it on youtube + the old performances that will be aired in better quality.

Damn, I thought that might be the case, sorry. I’m not the best person to ask about links and things though tbh, I only managed to see it cause it was on the actual telly here. I definitely think someone will upload it though, and yeah hopefully in decent quality :) 

adropofsomethingcheerfulsaid: Can’t wait to see it.

Yeah there are some really interesting things in there,  definitely think you’ll enjoy it.

our-young-cathy-bush said:looks amazing!! do you know where I could watch it on replay? D:

Can you watch bbc iplayer in your country? If so here it is:

If not sorry, I dont really know. Someone will upload it to youtube very soon I’m sure.

Stuff I Liked About the KB documentary:

  • Tori: yay!!! I loved what she had to say about Kate actually creating new language and I thought it was good she was in it since people always like to create competition between these 2 great artists when there actually is none.
  •  Elton John revealing that Kate attended his wedding and how her song helped him through a difficult time. Didnt know that and thought it was sweet cause he was a childhood idol of hers and now he’s saying she’s been an inspiration to him
  • CONFIRMED: Del Palmer is Guy on the Dreaming album cover (which everyone already knew but hey) I also liked it when he said that she was the greatest artist he’d ever worked with and no one could even come close.
  • Steve Coogan discussing his KB medley in great detail
  • Big Boi!!! Awww, he was lovely
  • Hearing Lindsay Kemp talk about Kate when she was younger- and seeing his fab clothes and house (well I assume it was his house).
  • Hearing people talk about later Kate albums since they usually focus on her early work: especially Stephen Fry talking about 50 words for Snow.
  • Tricky and Annie Clark’s contributions, especially Tricky’s was very moving I thought.
  • Jo Brand!
  • That one old clip of Kate I dont recall ever seeing before where she was wearing a really cool leather jacket and her hair looked amazing.
  • Hearing people talk about Kate generally since its so rare.


the most shocking moment in gbbo history, tbh


You’ll not guess where I’ve been…