The Man with the Child in his Eyes

This song holds a special place in my heart as it was the first KB song I ever heard *wipes away a tear* It was her second single, released in May 1978 and it peaked at number six in the UK charts. It was also one of the first music videos shown on the first day of MTV. I feel like its kind of an atypical KB song in that it seems like a straight up confessional love song, but one of the things that struck me about it was how eerie it sounds as well. Like there’s something forbidden and dangerous about the love affair:

“Nobody knows about my man

They think he’s lost on some horizon.”

There’s this seemingly much older, wiser man who tells her things and listens to her problems, but perhaps the relationship is fucked up in some way because of the power dynamic. I think possibly she thinks he’s on the same level as him because he is still a child at heart.

 In the video I like that there’s this juxtaposition between her cross-legged, soft innocence and the fact that there’s also something quite sexual about her flesh-coloured leotard and the darkness of the song. The piano tune and the horns in the chorus are absolutely beautiful- this has always been one of my favourite KB songs. Also apparently she wrote it when she was thirteen and I love the fact that she was this young girl writing these layered, sophisticated songs when loads of people seem to assume that teenage girls don’t have the life experience or intelligence to write about things like that yet. KB just raised the standard for everyone with this song, I think.

Here’s the vid:

Also, here is a story about a guy who believes he is the real man with the child in his eyes:

I promise this is it for today, honestly.

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